“Curse of the light of the seven sins” animated film New Trailer scheduled for release on July 2

The new animated film curse of the light, which is described by the original author of the classic animation seven crimes, was officially released on March 9 and released on July 2. At the same time, the pilot notice was made public. Let's have a preview.

·Seven sins is a juvenile cartoon written by Japanese cartoonist Suzuki Yang. In 2011, he appeared in the form of a short story in the weekly magazine magazine magazine, which won high praise. In 2012, he began to publish it in the same magazine. The cartoon tells the story of Elizabeth, the third queen, who places her hope on the seven crimes of the strongest Knight Order composed of seven vicious criminals in order to save the country.

·At present, more detailed information about the theater version of “Curse of light” has not been disclosed. Suzuki said that this work will be full of many elements that have not been described in the original work. Please look forward to the follow-up report.

·New notice for the animated film curse of light