Dancing New Year’s “cattle” to turn the world

Today (February 5), Ubisoft China announced that the spring festival event of "all the dancing power" has been officially opened. As the first important festival after the release of "all the dancing power" launched, the spring festival event not only includes new Chinese songs list, limited song and other updated content, but also community activities, time limited special benefits and other off-game activities. This Spring Festival is a time for family members to meet. Let's have a full dance!

In order to celebrate the Chinese traditional festival “Spring Festival”, the dance power all open has updated the Chinese songs which are full of lively and festive activities. From that day to new year’s Eve (February 11), all players of “all the dancing power” can enjoy the specified updated songs for free, respectively:

Dancing New Year's

·”The most dazzling national style” — legend of Phoenix

Dancing New Year's

Free time: 12:00 noon February 5-12:00 noon on February 7

Dancing New Year's

·”Chicken and chicken” — Wang Rong

Dancing New Year's

Free time: 12:00 noon February 7-12:00 noon on February 9

Dancing New Year's

·”Beier Shuang” — Zhang Wei

Free time: 12:00 noon February 9-12:00 noon on February 11

In addition, the Spring Festival songs will be launched simultaneously. Besides the above three Chinese songs, there are also “leg songs” and “Kara forever OK”, which are 5 classic Chinese songs. All players who subscribe to the “unlimited dance” service can enjoy free of charge.

“The most dazzling national style” — legend of Phoenix

“Chicken and chicken” — Wang Rong

“Beier Shuang” — Zhang Wei

In addition to the update of “all the dancing power”, the activities outside the game are full of years! From now on, we will pay attention to the official WeChat official account of the full dance force: JustDance dance force is fully opened, and the full opening of dance force is limited to the cover of WeChat red envelopes.

“All the dancing power” community dance moves the new spring festival, “cow” turns to heaven and earth – the contribution activity of the new year of the new year has also been started simultaneously. Upload your video of “all the dancing power” to BiliBili platform and add the activity topic Dance New Year cattle to heaven and earth dance power, so the dance participation activities will be participated in, and the limited dance power will be won to fully open the team uniform!

Spring Festival reunion, do you want to suck up your subscription? From February 5 to 19, the “dance power all open” launched a special event with unlimited dancing power subscription. Players who subscribe to the one-time service of one year (i.e. 12 months) can receive one additional month of service, buy more and give more, and the opportunity is rare! Subscription unlimited dance power can also be purchased by superposition! Open e store and subscribe now!

Official website of “all the dancing power”

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