“Dark deception” and “silent hill” will be officially launched on the 23rd

At the end of January this year, the multiplayer horror game "dark deception: monsters and mortals" announced that it will link Konami's horror game "silent hill" and launch a new DLC. Today (March 22), the linkage DLC has finally determined that the official sale date is March 23, and 10% discount will be given at the time of sale.

In the announcement issued by the development team, they said that it is very rare for a small team like themselves to get a big IP like Konami’s silent hill. They are very proud of this and attribute this successful cooperation to the success of dark deception and the enthusiastic support of the players. Also said that if the “silent hill” DLC sell well, then the linkage with other big IP can also be expected.

It is reported that “dark deception: monsters and mortals” and “silent hill” DLC will present classic monsters familiar to players, including nurses and triangles.