Data mining shows that “Fortress night” may be linked with “alien”

It is obvious that the linkage journey of Fortress night is still going on. Not long ago, when fortress night announced the linkage of iron soldier, some fans teased whether there would be the linkage of alien. However, these jokes from fans may come true. According to the latest leaks, "Fortress night" may be linked with "alien".

Hypex, a well-known data miner of Fortress night, shared a new image and sound of the game.

Data mining shows that

Voice display:

Especially noteworthy is the hissing and drooling sound, which is usually the sound before the alien attacks. Hypex shared images are almost the same as the Nostromo in alien.

Previously, we reported that there was a large skin in the data file of Fortress night. At that time, we speculated that this large skin might be prepared for the extermination of hegemony. However, combined with the leakage of the “alien” linkage, this skin may also be prepared for the alien.