“Death light: Director’s editing version” for Gog platform

Recently, Gog platform is carrying out promotion activities, and many games of deep silver participate in this activity.

More than 15 of deep silver’s works are on sale this time, with prices as low as $2.99. Moreover, we already have any deep on the Gog platform

Silver works players can get a free game, new players can also get a free.

From now until Monday, players who buy any game released by deep silver can download “dead light: Director’s clip” for free. They have bought deep on Gog platform before

Players of silver works can download them directly.


A number of silver games are on sale. Last year’s new work steel harvest is on sale at a discount of 117 yuan. The whole series of red faction can start at 48 yuan, including the reprint of Red Faction: guerrilla war, which is only 14 yuan. In addition, the price of subway 2033: return is 14 yuan, the price of the black version is 7 yuan, the price of the complete package is 10 yuan, and the price of the century version is only 12 yuan.

The promotion ends at 10:00 p.m. on Monday, March 22, Beijing time. Players can click here to enter the activity page of Gog platform.