Dell alien’s early termination of cooperation with fist due to sexual harassment scandal

Alien alien Alienware has terminated its brand cooperation with the game maker's fist (riot) in advance. The cooperation between the two started in 2019 and was scheduled to end in 2022. However, earlier this year, riot CEO was accused of sexual harassment. Aliens decided to terminate the relationship considering riot's brand image.

In a statement to dot eSports, riot confirmed the message, saying aliens had been removed from the lol live sponsorship list.

Dell alien's early termination of cooperation with fist due to sexual harassment scandal

“Aliens have been an important partner of riot since 2019. We cannot comment on the agreements we have reached for the sake of confidentiality. As we discussed, we’ve removed their brand from live. “

In fact, as early as 2018, there were reports that riot had a “culture of gender discrimination”. Shortly after the report was issued, riot acknowledged that there was indeed a case of gender discrimination within it, but insisted that it was “not systematic” and agreed to pay a settlement compensation of $10 million for an alleged gender discrimination. However, the local government departments later objected that the amount did not show riot’s sincerity.

In December of the same year, riot suspended his job as coo Scott Gelb because it was reported that Scott Gelb had misbehaved against staff, including male employees. Until now, Scott

Gelb is still COO of riot.

Nicolo Laurent, riot’s CEO, was accused of sexual harassment in January by Sharon O’Donnell, a former assistant, who said Nicolo

Laurent had spoken sexual harassment of her in private and fired her after she refused. Riot said it has hired a third-party legal body to deal with Sharon

O’Donnell’s allegations were investigated, but stressed that the decision to dismiss her was “based on a large number of complaints from many different people and justified”.