Dell released a new game box G15 and returned to the market with a cool “expedition” design full of “obstinacy”

Beijing, China March 9, 2021

Dell announced the game book “game box G15” back to the market!

Dell released a new game box G15 and returned to the market with a cool

Seven years ago, Dell box was born in a red robe, showing blood with players. Today, the game box G15 is designed in a new way, which will bring players three configurations: the core version, the advanced version and the no dual version,

Dell released a new game box G15 and returned to the market with a cool

And the choice of four colors, which are glow in dark, functional green, white English gray and dark gold black.

Dell released a new game box G15 and returned to the market with a cool

The core version of the traveling box G15 can be selected as 120Hz electric competitive screen, or 165hz anti blue photoelectric competition screen to be listed, and the cooling die is upgraded comprehensively. On this basis, the advanced version of the traveling box G15 will reach 115W

Dell released a new game box G15 and returned to the market with a cool

GPU releases power. The upcoming strongest traveling box G15 dual version is based on 115W strong output, and will be equipped with 360hz blue light three side narrow screen, metal shell and 12 area front light belt to support alienfx. Whether it is a pure happy game lover, or a competitive God and picture party who cherish frames like gold, the game box G15 is a hard core hard core hard core thing with both strength and avant-garde.

Dell released a new game box G15 and returned to the market with a cool

Dell travel box G15, shining dark night, Green function, bright British gray, dark gold black (from left to right), appeared in 2021

Dell released a new game box G15 and returned to the market with a cool

Voyager industrial design to break through sustainable innovation

Dell released a new game box G15 and returned to the market with a cool

In design, the box G15 salutes the great Voyager expedition, hoping to break the tradition with the same imagination and courage

The design habit of game notebook – remolding “polymer”. The surface of the body is formed in one; mica is dotted, and the method of scattering points is adopted to increase the texture and hardness. The whole body adopts high-precision laser etching instead of surface coating, and presents special “worm shaped texture” under microscope, which makes delicate and hard texture, and can effectively reduce fingerprint residue. At the same time, the traveling box G15 uses water-based paint at the necessary paint parts 100, and the “hard core tenacious” is not only durable but also environmentally friendly.

On the a side, 290 parallel lines form isosceles triangle, together with points and circles, which outline pure, powerful and perceptual totem. At the same time, the travel box G15

With sharp waist line and sharp and tough line of air inlet and outlet grille, it forms a huge tension with the natural texture and chamfering of the shell. No matter flat, open and close, all angles can release full tension – after all, it is a device that is eager to invite you to unknown equipment at any time.

Ultra high refresh eye protection screen for unique comfort

The travel box G15 is equipped with a 15.6

The high refresh screen, from 120Hz to 360hz in the future, can not only optimize the details of the motion picture, but also make the action more realistic, smooth and without stagnation. For gamers, especially senior FPS

Gamers, a high refresh rate screen is the key weapon in the final victory.

The high refresh screen of the traveling box G15 (optional in the future with 165hz-360hz configuration) adopts the physical blue light protection technology certified by German t ü V Rhine, which can effectively filter the harmful blue light between 415nm and 455nm, redistribute the screen spectrum, filter out the harmful light and keep the original color of the screen, not turn yellow, and reduce the eyesight fatigue.

Multiple hard core equipment to help, the game is easy to lose gear

The travel box G15 will be equipped with NVIDIA new generation high-performance rtx30 video card, with advanced and no dual version of the performance release of 115W, which is in dynamic

With boost, it can achieve higher performance output.

In terms of heat dissipation, the traveling box G15 optimizes and upgrades the cooling structure, adopts the design of double intake and four exhaust, which is more traditional

Single air inlet increases the “displacement” of the notebook air, and heats the CPU and GPU. The diameter of blades in the advanced and non double versions of the traveling box G15 will be 56mm and the number of blades will be up to 53

Slice, easily drive heat away from the body, at any time to maintain “cold” fighting.

In addition, the unique keyboard backlight design of the traveling box G15 can customize the switching of various lighting effects mode. The specific configuration also features the alienfx light linkage, which can be connected to the aliennware

The alien peripheral devices form the light linkage effect. 190 Games display different lighting effects automatically according to the plot in the game process.

“We look forward to the G15, a travel box full of innovation and return,” said Wang Lijun, senior vice president of Dell technology group and general manager of Dell China consumer and small enterprise business division,

With its exquisite design, super high performance and avant-garde aesthetics, we can help our players to become more and more popular in the world of the game again! No matter the old friends or new friends in the game box,

We believe that this hard core game equipment will open up a new world for them. “

Dell’s G15 core version was launched on March 3 and sold for 5599 yuan.

The advanced and non dual versions of Dell’s G15 will be available in the near future. Please pay attention to Dell’s official website.

When the new machine is listed, the official website will be awarded the exclusive super God peripheral set, and enjoy three interest free stages, which can be accessed to Dell official website or the mobile version for more information.

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