Demo of “swordsman 7” is suspected to have landed in steam on April 1

According to the search results of steam store, the demo of "Legend of swordsman 7" should be on sale in steam mall on April 1. However, due to no official launch, the specific landing time and other information need to be further confirmed by the official.

Previously, “Xianjian Qixia Zhuan 7 trial version” has been launched on the square game platform, and interested players can download it for free. However, it is not clear whether the demo version of steam platform is consistent with the square platform version.

Demo of

According to the news released by the front desk media, “Legend of swordsman 7” is planned to go on sale in the third quarter of this year.

Demo of

About seven Swordsmen

Demo of

In the story of seven immortals, fierce beasts wreak havoc on the world, and the common people suffer so much that the major immortal cultivation sects can only rely on the array to barely resist the invasion of fierce beasts.

One day, on the way back to the mountain, Yue Qingshu, a disciple of Mingshu sect, found that the villagers were besieged by demons. In order to protect the villagers from escaping, he took the risk to lead the beast to the deep valley and was accidentally shot down in the middle. A mysterious man named Xiuwu suddenly appeared

Yue Qingshu, the heroine of Xianjian 7, is a hardworking, careful and steady girl who was raised by the leader of Mingshu family (grandfather) since childhood. The Ming clan was once famous for the spirit control skill created by her ancestors. Later, the sect declined, leaving only her father and grandson. But yueqingshu still sticks to the sect belief and often goes down the mountain alone to get rid of the demons and keep the peace.

The hero Xiuwu is a powerful, loyal and mysterious swordsman. Although he has few words, he is the most powerful backing in the team.