“Destroyer: Eternity” the second complete preview of ancient gods will go on sale on March 18

Bethesda has released a full preview of the second ancient gods of the destroyer: eternity, and confirmed that the DLC will be available on PC, switch, PS4, Xbox one and stadia platforms on March 18.

“The destroyer: Eternity” ancient gods Part II complete notice:

In the first part of ancient gods, “your war is not over The overthrow of Queen Meck led to an imbalance of power, endangering all creation. Hell Legion destroys heaven and threatens to control other dimensions. With the help of old allies, we will fight back to urdak and reverse the fate of the universe. As for how the second part of the story will unfold, you can look forward to it.

For the first part of “ancient gods”, the players have a lot of complaints, because the phenomenon of piling up monsters and buffs is more serious, which not only increases the challenge of the game, but also makes “destroyer” lose its due pleasure.

Video screen: