“Destroyer pigeon Simulator” on the shelf steam in the human world to destroy!

"Pigeon Simulator" developed by hakjak and released by tinybuild is now on the steam mall page. Players can play a pigeon in this game and do all kinds of damage in the human world.


Screenshot of steam mall page:

Introduction to the game:

In the “pigeon Simulator”, players will play the role of “the chosen pigeon”. This pigeon has extraordinary strength and is a hero among pigeons. The goal of this pigeon is to destroy the human world. In the process of the game, players can manipulate the destruction pigeon, pick up the human beings and throw them around, use explosives to destroy everything in the human world, and fire bird droppings at human beings like shells, so that the human society will be completely in chaos.

“Pigeon Simulator” has been put on the steam mall page at present, and the specific release date has not been released yet. Interested players can click here to get the steam mall link.