Developers respond to “super love Saint 3” off the shelf: harmony version is not approved

"Super love Saint 3" was recently removed from steam by V club for its "live pornographic image". The game developers are aggrieved by this: V club doesn't give him the chance to modify it at all, and even the harmony version dedicated to the anchor has been deleted.

On twitter, developer Richard La Ruina said that society V has rejected their full version of the game and the cut version of the game used by twitch anchor, and has not explained exactly what content is not accepted. Even the cut version of the demo has been deleted by society v. Moreover, the V society also said that even if the game gets the esrb-m rating in the United States, it will not change the decision of the V society to ban the game.

Developers respond to

Developers said that they even suspected that club V was targeting them, because even the demo without exposed content was taken off the shelves, and club V never provided them with a clear and feasible model or pointed out where they were not suitable. They were willing to make changes to any content of the game, but the V club didn’t even give them the chance to make changes.

Developers respond to

At present, “peerless love Saint 3” has completely disappeared from steam, and V Society said it would not consider putting the game on the shelves. Maybe developers can only release the game through other channels.