DF “Monster Hunter: Rise” analysis and evaluation: Capcom optimization is good

With the lifting of the media rating ban and the approaching of the game release day, the technical analysis of the screen of switch game "Monster Hunter: Rise" has also been completed by digital foundry. In the following evaluation and analysis video, the media gives a detailed description of the first Monster Hunter series new work developed with re engine. Let's have a look.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” analysis and evaluation Video:


Through the analysis and evaluation of switch “Monster Hunter: Rise” by digital foundry, it is found that the game does not use all the features of re engine, but it does realize some functions of the engine, such as the depth of field effect in cut scenes.


In terms of resolution, the game resolution of “Monster Hunter: Rise” in switch base mode is 756p, while that in handheld mode is 540p. As in the trial version, the frame rate of the game can be maintained at 30fps.

Through the analysis, we can see that most of the character actions in “Monster Hunter: Rise” are directly taken from “Monster Hunter: World”, but some collisions are not done well, such as when the character walks on an inclined plane, his feet will cross the ground. Compared with “Monster Hunter: the world”, the trees in the scene are static; although the vegetation is dynamic and can interact with the characters, the shadow rendering is reduced.

When the monster is far away from the player’s character, the animation rendering rate will be reduced from 30fps to 15fps. Obviously, Capcom has done the right optimization work to make Monster Hunter: rise run well on switch.

Other aspects worth mentioning are: the game provides a similar experience in the base and handheld modes; the game loads quickly; and “Monster Hunter: Rise” supports 5.1 audio output.

The switch version of “Monster Hunter: Rise” will be released globally on March 26. The game supports Chinese.