“Diablo 2 remaking” has no experience of original balance change

Recently, Chris, senior producer of Diablo 2: Remaking

In an interview with foreign media pcgamesn, Lena was asked if she had plans to make balance changes to the game, such as changing the difficulty of the game, booty or other aspects. Lena said that there will be no balance correction for remaking at present, and players will have the original experience.

Pcgamesn asked if it would change the relatively weak profession? “We are not going to make a balance adjustment right now,” Lena said. Because we want to provide players with the original experience. But in the future, what might be done based on feedback from players? “

“It depends on what players expect from Diablo 2: Remake in the future. Vicarious

The visions development team has a list of things they want to do, but these changes won’t happen unless the player asks for them. “

This kind of consideration is meaningful. The development team will spend several years on this game, or add new extended content or other paid content. It’s really exciting! Of course, the primary task of the development team is to provide the original experience, but in the future, it may make adjustments and add new content according to the feedback of players.

Diablo 2: remake will be available in 2021 on PC, PS4, ps5, Xbox one, xsxs and switch. Remaking will support old version archiving.