Diablo 3’s 22nd season ends at 5pm on March 28

Blizzard released the blue post of the end time of Diablo 3's 22nd season. Each server will end the season at 5:00 p.m. on March 28 in its own time zone, and the double goblin buff will end at the same time.

The 22 season of “Diablo 3” started on November 20 last year. The 22 season is a double theme season. Players can enjoy the new power of the shadow of Neville and the magic box of carnet at the same time. In the 22 season, the magic cube will have the fourth field. You can choose any of the first three columns (weapons, armor and jewelry), but the same extraction will not be accumulated.

Diablo 3's 22nd season ends at 5pm on March 28

Season journey Award: package

Diablo 3's 22nd season ends at 5pm on March 28

In the 22nd season, Heidegger gifts after completing chapters 2, 3 and 4 of the season tour will offer the following “brand new” sets, which are the first time they have joined the season award rotation.


Martial monk: a model of Justice

Demon Hunter: the land of fear

Barbarians: Ninety Barbarians

Magician: the veil of tifeng

Holy Army: the bulwark of courage

Witch doctor: mengdulugu’s Dharma suit

Necromancer: carnival costume