Dolby horizon game support testing has started on xsxs

It seems that Microsoft is preparing to bring Dolby vision HDR game support to Xbox series XS, and new users can test this function at present.

According to Forbes, the latest Xbox insider alpha segment allows testers to use Dolby horizon HDR to test specific XS games.

Dolby horizon game support testing has started on xsxs

At present, the games using Dolby’s horizon are limited to “no man’s land 3”, “war machine 5”, “Halo: a collection of officers” and “crash Carnival” – of course, more games may be added to the list as time goes on.

In addition, the technology will be implemented “first on Xbox”. As for when it can be implemented on Playstation, the information has not been released.

However, some reports seem to indicate that this support does not work as much as Dolby and Microsoft hope; the update of Forbes’ original article points out that Dolby horizon is used as “a variant of the existing hgig (HDR gaming interest group) system for all HDR Games”, rather than using Dolby horizon through the game’s own engine.

It’s worth noting that only certain TV models (except Samsung) are compatible with Dolby view.

Obviously, we can expect Dolby vision to be more widely used “soon”, although Microsoft did not give a specific date. If Xbox alpha ring users are trying this feature, it may mean that the technology will be launched earlier, not later – expected in 2021.