Dong Mingzhu: Gree mobile phone must be done and must be done

It has been six years since Gree released its first smart phone. During this period, Gree Electric launched a number of mobile phone products one after another, but it has been in a tepid state.

Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of Gree Electric, once said, “I want to make a mobile phone every minute. It’s too easy.”. Although some voices on the Internet expressed concern about Gree mobile phone, Gree Electric still did not give up.

Dong Mingzhu: Gree mobile phone must be done and must be done

Recently, Dong Mingzhu said in an interview that Gree mobile phone must be done and must be done. At the same time, he admitted that before Gree mobile phone was questioned, so why did he insist on making mobile phone.

Dong Mingzhu: Gree mobile phone must be done and must be done

Dong Mingzhu said that in the future of smart home, if there is no mobile phone to control it completely, it is impossible.

In December last year, Gree’s first 5g mobile phone was quietly put on the shelves in Gree mall. However, this time, instead of making Gree brand, it was named “DASONG 5g mobile phone”.

It is understood that tosot DASONG is one of the exclusive brands of Gree Electric, which is mainly engaged in household appliances. At present, its products include electric fans, electric heaters, water purifiers and other household appliances.

Did Gree change its name this time?

Gree Electric responded that the launch of 5g mobile phone is a deployment at the group level, and the replacement of Gree brand with DASONG brand is to better promote Gree’s secondary sub brand to the front stage.

It is reported that DASONG 5g mobile phone is equipped with snapdragon 765 chip, 6.81 inch LCD perforated screen, 64 million rear camera, 8 million ultra wide angle and two 2 million pixel macro and depth of field lenses.

The 6GB 128GB and 8GB 256gb versions are available at 2699 yuan and 2999 yuan respectively.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, Gree Electric disclosed a design patent on folding screen equipment, which is called “folding screen and folding screen mobile terminal”.

The patent presents a foldable screen and a foldable screen mobile terminal independent of the folding hinge of complex structure, which can effectively avoid the wear and crease effect of the screen after folding.

In the face of today’s competitive smart phone market, it is worth looking forward to whether Gree Electric can successfully break through and become a member of the first echelon of smart phones in China.