Dongxiang’s philosophy of life in skeleton 13

The island's classic adult comic "skeleton 13" has been published for more than 50 years. Recently, Japanese media talked about the life philosophy of the protagonist, the super killer Duke Dongxiang. It's also a classic passage about the proportion of various components of life. Let's see how Duke Dongxiang's philosophy of life is judged.

·Skeleton 13 is a cartoon by Japanese cartoonist Takao Saito. The protagonist is Duke Dongxiang, a killer with super first-class sniping ability. Since November 1968, it has been published in the magazine big comic in the primary school library, and it is still being published.

Dongxiang's philosophy of life in skeleton 13

·”Skeleton 13″ is a cartoon work with the real world as the background. It describes the story of “skeleton 13”, a super class killer code named “Duke”. This work is based on current events. Many famous historical events appear in comics. Real events and fictional plots always make the work popular with the public.

Dongxiang's philosophy of life in skeleton 13

·In fact, Duke Dongxiang’s philosophy of life is also the description of the author’s philosophy of life, which is published in Volume 66 of the booklet. When Dongxiang met his client, he was asked, “what conditions do you need for a super killer like you? And often see your death reports, but always lively, no rest

·Duke Dongxiang replied, “10 talents plus 20 efforts, then there are 30 cowards, and the remaining 40 are all luck.” the client without luck was killed immediately after he got the answer.

·But Duke Dongxiang is a virtual character after all. What do you think of his philosophy of life?