Download resource outflow of “justice alliance” edited by Zhadao: beware of mixed viruses and Trojans

Last week, Zach Schneider's edited version of alliance for justice was broadcast to subscribers at HBO max. At present, the score of Douban is still as high as 9.0. It is quite different from the original version of just alliance, which is 6.4 points in the version of Jos Weeden four years ago and many people can't understand it.

Because the film did not take the form of cinema, but directly streaming media premiere, high-definition piracy is also the first time out.

Download resource outflow of

Some security agencies found that in the pirated resources flowing out of the “justice alliance” guide edition network, there are also mixed cases of malware, viruses and Trojans, such as a 720p resource of 1.2GB.

Of course, the best advice is to support the genuine, genuine and Dolby vision and Dolby panoramic sound technology, sound and picture technology blessing.

It is reported that the guide edition of justice alliance has been launched in HBO max (North America), HBO go (Asia), Apple TV, Google play and other channels.

In the film, in addition to Superman, Batman, wonder woman, steel bone, sea king, lightning man and other members of the justice alliance, there are Mars hunters, clowns and other scenes. As for the villains, they are duckside, wilderness wolf, demon like, leiser and so on.