Dozens of games were cancelled after Google closed its internal studio in stadia

As part of its stay away from video game production in recent months, Google's stadia team has cancelled dozens of projects and third-party licensing games, according to VGC, a foreign media. Among them are the multi-player game IP led by former assassin creed producers, the sequel of Wild Planet tour, and the plans of xiaoshimushima and Suzuki Yu to develop exclusive games for stadia are also in the soup.

In July 2019, jade Rymond, former studio boss of stadia, visited the small island studio

Dozens of games were cancelled after Google closed its internal studio in stadia

On February 1, Google stadia said this year they turned their focus on providing technology and platform tools for external partners, and Google then closed down all internal stadia game development teams.

Dozens of games were cancelled after Google closed its internal studio in stadia

Among the third-party licensing agreements, stadia and music game company harmony developed an original game, which in fact has almost been developed, according to people familiar with the matter.

Although the harmony game is still possible to be launched on stadia, there is a news that stadia

The complex music licensing problem with Pro services has caused significant damage behind it, even before Google announced this month that it would shut down the studio.

In response to the incident, Steve, chief executive of Harmonix

Janiak denied that the company’s unpublished game had been cancelled and denied that the game had encountered problems with music licensing, but said it would be released on other platforms if necessary.

It is understood that the project developed by xiaoshimao Xiufu for stadia is positioned as a chapter type terrorist game, but it was finally rejected by Phil Harrison, general manager of stadia.

Last summer, shoima told Japanese media that his “major” project was cancelled, which should refer to the games developed for stadia. The island looks very angry, but he also says it’s the current game industry.

In addition, multiple works developed by Google’s internal studio have also been cancelled, including:

Google’s typhoon studio, a development team acquired last year, has been working hard to develop a sequel to the collaborative adventure game Wild Planet trip. The sequel is larger and has a complete animation.

Former producer Francois of cell division and assassin creed: kingpin

Another stadia development team led by pelland is developing a multiplayer action game, code number “frontier.”.

Phil Harrison’s team told ubitus and take, Bloomberg News

Two and other well-known publishers have offered their good deeds and denounced “tens of millions of dollars” to make such big productions as “wild Escort: Redemption 2” landing in stadia.