Dragon age 4 reveals new art again

"Longteng century 4", or at that time I don't know what kind of subtitle, anyway, this game is now gradually unveiling. This work has been silent for a long time since it was published at the TGA ceremony in 2018, but we see a little display in 2020. This work should be ready for further development in 2021. Earlier this year, for example, BioWare showed a picture of a magic archer.

This week, Christian Dailey, executive producer of Longteng century 4, and Matthew, creative director

Dragon age 4 reveals new art again

Goldman decided to release another picture, the theme of which is taventer in dragon age 4, with a very unique style.

Dragon age 4 reveals new art again

We can see that in the latest art picture, the character is a taventer. The costume is easy to distinguish. He is a mage and has the Gothic style of taventer empire. The character’s staff and hat are very eye-catching.

Many players who are looking forward to “Dragon Century 4” reply that they like this picture very much, but it seems that they prefer the hat in the picture. I hope the protagonist in “Longteng century 4” has the same design, but we can only wait until the game is officially released.

In addition to the images, creative director Goldman tweeted, “meet me in rezos, Ming.” Series players should know that this is the capital of the taventer Empire, and also the largest city. Many people speculate that the city shown in the latest trailer of “dragon age 4” is minrezos. Goldman’s tweet doesn’t confirm this, but the overall style and background of the picture are clearly consistent with those in the trailer.

Now players know more and more about “Longteng century 4”, but the development of this work still needs a lot of time. Players definitely want to play this game earlier, but they also hope BioWare doesn’t rush to work. As long as it’s a boutique, it’s worth waiting a little longer.