“Dragon pearl Z: Dragon boxing outbreak!!” super Saian 3 Wukong handmade selling price of 8500 yen

Wandai recently launched a new product, figures zero, "Dragon Ball Z: the outbreak of dragon boxing! Who can Wukong give up?" by Wukong, a super Saiya man, at a price of 8500 yen (about 508 yuan), which is expected to go on sale in August 2021.

“Dragon Ball Z: the outbreak of dragon boxing!” is the 13th theatrical animated film of “Dragon Ball”, which was released on July 15, 1995. It was written by the original author, toshan Ming, and directed by Takeo Hashimoto. In order to prevent the coming disaster, the monkey king father and son summoned the Dragon at the old man’s request, and finally rescued Tapio. However, they found that Tapio didn’t appreciate it, and the old man seemed to be hiding some kind of conspiracy.