Dream team work together to create “doomsday club” release play Preview

Last night, Japanese game publisher ichiichi released a preview of the play method of switch action adventure game "doomsday club". How does this suspense game, which comes from Xiaogao and just cooperated with TA Yue steel taro, play? Let's have a look.

Doomsday Club Preview:

Dream team work together to create

Introduction to the game

Dream team work together to create

Twelve 12-year-old children travel 1200 kilometers. New action adventure game, the exciting story to 2D horizontal scroll mode. The plot of the adventure game of “dream team” is written by TA Yue Gang taro, the designer of the “extreme escape” series, and Xiao Gao He Gang, the screenwriter of “bullet on the broken” is the creative director.

Game features

-Simple operation

-2D horizontal scroll action puzzle game, with a wealth of adventure plot.

-At the key point of the plot, the player’s choice will affect the direction of the plot in the next stage.

-12 charming characters!

-Famous scenic spots in Japan

-The plot developed unexpectedly

Switch “doomsday club” will be on sale on May 27, supporting Chinese.