Duoduo resigns as the richest chairman of China

In July last year, Huang Zheng announced his resignation as the CEO of pinduoduo. Last night, when the 2020 financial report was released, Huang Zheng once again "retreated bravely" and resigned as the chairman of pinduoduo. The board of directors has appointed Chen Lei, co-founder and current CEO, to take over the baton.

Huang Zheng said that he originally planned to complete the transfer of the post of chairman with Chen Lei in a year. But there are two reasons why he decided to “retire” early.

Duoduo resigns as the richest chairman of China

Huang Zheng said: “first, the increasingly fierce and even alienated competition in the industry makes me realize that the traditional scale and efficiency oriented competition has its inevitable problems. To change, we must take action on the underlying and fundamental issues, and seek answers on the basis of core technology and its basic theories. “

He felt that in order to ensure the high-speed development of pinduoduo in the next 10 years, “some exploration is now at the right time. As the founder, I jump out to touch the stones on the road 10 years later, which may be a more suitable candidate. “.

Second, pinduoduo began to shift from a third-party platform with pure light assets to a new round of investment in warehousing, logistics and agricultural products. Huang Zheng felt that the opportunity for new business should be left to “houlang”.

Talking about his future plans, Huang Zheng said that he would like to do some research in the fields of food science and life science, in order to “improve the added value of agricultural products qualitatively” and “substantially improve the level of physical health qualitatively”. For example, “further develop a protein robot that can enter the human brain to dredge blood vessels and avoid stroke?” He said that maybe it’s a very happy thing to be an assistant to a great scientist.

Huang Zheng shared his judgment on pinduoduo’s current situation and future. CostcoDisney

“More affordable, more fun” mode of pinduoduo will still be the future direction of pinduoduo, with no change in the past. He said pinduoduo is still in the initial stage of “more affordable and more fun”.

At the same time of issuing the letter to shareholders, pinduoduo also released its financial report for the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2020. By the end of 2020, the annual number of active buyers of the platform has reached 788.4 million, surpassing other e-commerce platforms, and it took six years to become the e-commerce platform with the largest scale of users. During the same period, the number of active buyers of Alibaba was 779 million, and that of JD was 472 million.