EA is very satisfied with the new leadership of BioWare

EA CEO Andrew

Wilson admitted in their recent quarterly investor conference call that there have been some episodes in BioWare in recent years, but with the development of the new “quality effect” and the new “Longteng century” game, EA feels “very, very confident in their future roadmap.”.

EA is very satisfied with the new leadership of BioWare

“It’s an incredible studio, full of incredible people, they do incredible work, and I think, despite some flaws in the games they’ve launched in the past few years, it’s the result of their deep promotion of innovation and creativity,” Wilson said. And we are very confident in their future road map. We have talked about their future games like “Dragon Century” and “quality effect.”

Talking about the recent changes in BioWare’s internal leadership — Casey Hudson, general manager, and mark, executive producer of the Dragon Century Series

Darrah has left the studio and EA feels “very, very good” about the current leadership.

“For Casey and mark to leave, they are all my good friends. We have great respect for both of them. But this often happens in the natural process of creative organization. We feel very, very good about BioWare’s current leadership and the many people who come to work every day and they provide great innovation and creativity. “

Finally, Wilson talked about the upcoming quality effects. “Legend” and its popularity with fans of the series, he said EA is encouraged by what the studio is delivering and will continue to deliver.

“We are looking forward to sharing more about BioWare in the near future, and you should have just seen the release of the legendary version of our” quality effect “trilogy, which is highly praised by BioWare fans. So we are encouraged by what the studio will continue to offer. “