EA: players will decide what games we should develop, including Titan

Laura, director of EA studio group

Miele was recently interviewed by ign. She said EA is putting the future of its game series in the studio’s own hands. EA studios are looking for more ways to listen and respond to their fans.

EA: players will decide what games we should develop, including Titan


Miele started as an employee of EA’s former Ximu studio, and was promoted to director of EA studio 25 years later. Now she will supervise more than 6000 game developers. Miele told ign that she regards EA’s internal studio as the “gravity center” of the company, and her focus is to enable these developers to do what they want, while responding to the wishes and needs of EA game community and fans.

“With regard to our game development philosophy, players will always be our Polaris,” Miele said. When I started my current position, I wanted to get rid of the preconceived idea of [what games should we invest in] and really start listening to players’ voices and integrating them into our development process. Since then, we’ve released a series of games that players want: the new skateboard, college football, command and conquer remake, the quality effect trilogy, and we’ve also developed several years of free content in Star Wars: Frontline 2, which has completely changed people’s view of the game. “

And Miele also wants to be clear that being player centric doesn’t mean that

“Let everyone be 100 satisfied.”. Ign’s interview happened when BioWare announced the cancellation of the development of hymn 2.0. This game is BioWare’s strong feedback to the players in the hymn community, who have invested a year to renovate it. Miele said that the ultimate studio needed to allocate time and resources to IP such as quality effect and dragon age, and COVID-19’s popularity made it more difficult to make games game player’s wants.

Another player may not feel that he has got everything he wants recently is Titan fall. Although Titan falls has a group of fans who focus on the game, now, the developer respawn seems to focus on the big escape game in the universe, apex hero, rather than the new main series.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Titan’s Orthodox game. Miele confirmed that respawn is in full control of Titan’s future, and they will again make decisions based on the needs of the players.

“Apex took place in the world of Titan falls, and the respawn team is very proud of this legacy and brand. The team will decide the future of apex and Titan falls. I believe they should not be instructed or told what to do, it must come from the inspiration and motivation of the player community and developers. “