Embracer, which bought gearbox for $1.3 billion, is raising $890 million to buy more developers

Recently acquired the developers of landless, gearbox and Aspyr

After media, Swedish game company embracer is currently planning to raise $890 million to buy more game studios. The money will be used to further strengthen the company’s financial position and continue its ongoing acquisition strategy.

Embracer, which bought gearbox for $1.3 billion, is raising $890 million to buy more developers

Embracer is evaluating a growing list of recent acquisitions, including game publishers, developers and other assets, which refer to more game IP. Embracer has previously bought the rights to dozens of game IPS.

Embracer recently acquired easybrain, a mobile game publisher, Aspyr, an American developer, and gearbox entertainment. The three deals are worth more than $2 billion. Among them, gearbox is the most expensive, up to $1.3 billion.

According to previous rumors, Aspyr, an American developer, is developing a 3A blockbuster with a budget of $70 million. It is said that it is Star Wars: the old samurai of the Republic.

In November 2020, embracer Group acquired 13 game studios, including coffee Stein north, quantitative lab and snapshot

Games, flying wild hog (acquired through Koch media acquisition), purple lamp studios (acquired through THQ acquisition)

Nordic), 34bigthings, mad head games, nimble giant entertainment, sandbox

Strategies, Zen studios (acquired through acquisition of saber interactive), silent games (acquired through acquisition of amplifier game)

Invest), a thinking ape and IUGO mobile entertainment (both acquired through the acquisition of deca games).

So far, embracer group has more than 70 paid games under development, which are expected to be completed in the next fiscal year.