Empire age 4 or release the first real-time demonstration at Microsoft’s April event

As early as 2017, Microsoft announced for the first time that the orthodox sequel of classic RTS games, Empire age 4, was being developed. However, news about the work has been in silence again since the announcement of the trailer in 2019. In December, Shannon Loftis, the general manager of the project, revealed that the game has been able to play and is doing the final grinding and balanced debugging.

Senior source Jeff Grubb said on the new show that Microsoft’s April 10 event may be the first special demonstration of Empire time 4 this year and the second E3 conference expected in June.

Empire age 4 or release the first real-time demonstration at Microsoft's April event

From the feedback of Empire era 2: Decision version and Empire age 3: Decision version, instant strategic games still have a mass foundation, and Microsoft’s feelings of selling are quite successful to some extent. Aoe4 is reported to be built by relic entertainment in Vancouver, Canada, with a huge upgrade of the picture.

At present, both Empire age 2: Decision edition and Empire time 3: Decision edition are steadily updated. The former added chicken eating mode in November last year and the large DLS “lords of the west” was updated in January.