Epic’s lawsuit against young cheating players in Fortress night is finally settled

Three years ago, epic

Game sued a teenage cheating player in Fortress night. Player C.R., then 14, has been accused of using and promoting the fortress night cheating tool on his personal YouTube channel. Now the lawsuit has finally ended in a settlement.

Epic's lawsuit against young cheating players in Fortress night is finally settled

Epic repeatedly referred to the minor as a “cheater” in its 2017 lawsuit. The company accused C.R. of “destroying the gaming experience of non cheating players,” adding that “no one likes cheaters and no one wants to play with them.”.

Epic claims that C.R. used hacking tools to modify the game code, citing copyright law, saying it violated the EULA of the game. The complaint also claimed that C.R. had been banned 14 times and registered a new account under a pseudonym.

Over the past few years, due to the ethical dispute over the punishment of cheaters, there have been many problems in this lawsuit. There is also a debate about whether a 14-year-old company should sue a child for cheating in games.

C. R.’s mother thinks epic

Games should be aimed at the cheating website promoted on his YouTube channel, not at a minor, and the tools provided by the website are also used by many “Fortress night” players. In a letter to the court in 2017, she said epic was “making an example of a 14-year-old.”.

The voluntary withdrawal notice did not disclose any details of the settlement. Epic, C.R. and their guardians appointed by the court agree to rescind all proceedings and enter into a settlement agreement with the approval of the court.

It’s not the first time epic has sued a minor. In 2019, it reached a settlement with another teenage user, CBV, for promoting cheating tools on YouTube.

The lawsuit lasted almost as long as the “Fortress night” escape mode went online. At the beginning of the lawsuit, the game had only 10 million players, and now the number of players has exceeded 350 million.