Epic’s monopoly is coming to an end

On December 11, 2019, mecha warrior 5: mercenary was sold exclusively on epic platform. After a year's monopoly on epic platform, the developer originally planned to launch the steamgog version of the work on December 11, 2020, but it didn't work out. Because cyberpunk 2077 was also on sale on December 10, the sale window of mecha warrior 5: mercenary had to be postponed Release time of steamgog version.

At the end of 2020, piranha games announced that “mecha warrior 5: mercenary” will be launched on Xbox series X, Xbox one, Microsoft Game mall, steam and Gog platforms in the spring of 2021. But until today, the official still did not give the specific release time of the game. But today (March 5), “mecha warrior 5: mercenary” officially launched in steam mall, perhaps not far from the official release time of the game.

Epic's monopoly is coming to an end

Unfortunately, according to the information displayed on the steam mall page, “mecha warrior 5: mercenary” does not support Chinese.

Epic's monopoly is coming to an end

Introduction to the game

Epic's monopoly is coming to an end

The story takes place in 3015. Human beings have colonized thousands of galaxies in a vast space, where civil wars have been frequent for centuries. The future battlefield is dominated by a group of elite pilots who operate bulky war machines. They are called mecha fighters, and this kind of machine is called combat mecha. This is a good time for mercenaries to get rich.

Epic's monopoly is coming to an end

The devastated world – driving hundreds of unique combat mecha to wipe out the whole city and eliminate groups of enemy troops.

Search for the truth – the mercenary company is reborn in the flames of ruins, acting as the mercenary leader, tracking the clues of interstellar conspiracy for glory and revenge.

Mercenary life – managing the ever expanding mercenary company, dealing with a myriad of operational issues, from maintenance and acquisition of combat mecha to hiring new mecha fighters.

Fight together – play the four PVE cooperative support mode and fight with your friends.