Epic will add a series of social functions in March

Since its launch, epic game mall has attracted many users by means of free games per week and exclusive low price, but it is not enough to fight the steam with a large player community base for many years. For this reason, epic game mall is also strengthening social and functional construction. Early this morning (March 18), epic officially released a message confirming that a series of new features of main social networking will be added to epic game mall in the near future.

In the official announcement, epic officials said it hoped to create epic game mall as “a place where players can communicate with their friends across platforms, join groups without difficulty in voice conversations, and can play games with group members at any time.”

Epic will add a series of social functions in March

The features that have been identified to be added to epic game mall in March include:

Epic will add a series of social functions in March

Player card

Epic will add a series of social functions in March

Player card function is coming soon! Clicking on a friend’s name in the social panel will display its player card and offer you several new options. Viewing a friend’s business card will allow players to perform important actions, such as managing friendship options, or viewing common friends. In the future, you can also join your group, invite it to a new group, or even customize your own player card.

Epic will add a series of social functions in March

Enhanced search system

The new epic game mall social panel will come with more effective search tools. We have optimized the search query method, and the results now will include the number of common friends, cross platform search options, and better results matching. If you have an invitation to a game waiting to reply, you can click “join” directly, and the game will run and automatically join the game with friends.

Minimize display

When you’re browsing epic game mall, we want to make sure you don’t have to open a separate window to use a ready to use, reduced social panel. Here, you will see notifications such as game invitations or friend requests.

Do not disturb

With so many extra social features, we also understand that you don’t want to be disturbed after you browse the mall in the starter and join the game! The do not disturb button will ensure that you will not receive notification of a game invitation or a friend request during the game.


Since whisper is rarely used, it will be hidden at present, but we hope to return it as a more effective function to send messages to your friends in the future.

In the future, epic will also join a new group system, allowing players to form groups themselves and communicate through voice, text and more. In addition, the achievement system will be added to optimize the wish list function.