Epic will add an update this week to get “the sea of no light” for free

Epic game mall's free game distribution this week has been updated. At present, there is a "sunshine sea", which is free from 0:00 on February 26 to 0:00 on March 5, Beijing time.

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Epic will add an update this week to get

Sunshine sea

Epic will add an update this week to get

Fall into madness. Eat your crew. And then die. Take charge of your steamship and set sail to the unknown!

Epic will add an update this week to get


Sea is a game about discovery, loneliness and frequent death set in the Victorian Gothic world of fallen London.

Play the captain of the Victorian steamship sailing in the vast underground waters

If giant crabs, sentient icebergs or bat frenzy don’t kill you, then mania and cannibalism will kill you. But the old black sea beckons to you, and the brave men who dare to sail on it will get rich rewards.

Find interesting people as your crew

Recruit unique people to be your crew, such as the hunted doctor and the irrepressible cannoner. Everyone has some interesting stories, if you can lead them out.

Gas lamp far away from civilization

Light and dark, fear and Madness: if you sail too long on this vast and dark sea, your crew will be manipulated by fear and gradually lose their senses.

In a cruel and unique world, make a world for your captain

This is a deep and fascinating world, full of stories and secrets written in more than 350000 words. Find your father’s remains. To determine the fate of London. Against the God of the deep sea.

Your captain will die

Pass resources on to the next generation. Acquire family residence and accumulate family heirloom. For those who dare to go to sea and fail – or occasionally win – to record the legend of the sailors.

Free games next week

Next week, there is a free game: “wargame: Red Dragon”, which is available from 0:00 on March 5 to 0:00 on March 12, Beijing time.