“Eternal robbery” national clothing internal test is about to be opened, and animation production is in the process of real-time calculation

The multiplayer action sports game "forever knot" announced a year ago that it will carry out a large-scale national service test in March. After a period of closed door development, the official finally released some news of new content.

Official microblog revealed

It is reported that the production team is currently renovating a large number of content, including the novice process system with imperfect functions. It is worth mentioning that the production team will add real-time calculation animation to the novice process, and the overall atmosphere building and combat design will also work towards the direction of single game.

Real time calculation animation screenshot

Previously, the eternal production group 24

Entertainment has said that if it can survive forever, it will consider making stand-alone content. The PVE mode of the game has been put on the development agenda, which is worth looking forward to.

From the micro blog content, the March test of “forever robbery” still needs to wait for some time, and there may be new news in late March. Interested players can go to the official website to make an appointment.