Even the tie has a voice in “the final edition of” blissful disco. “

"Blissful disco: the final edition" will be on sale in more than a week, when players can experience the charm of this "new version of the boat".

One of the biggest changes in “the final edition of” is the voice. Players who have learned about this work all know that the recording of voice in this work involves millions of words, and nearly 300 characters need to be recorded. According to voice director Jim

Even the tie has a voice in

According to ashilevi, some of the characters that need to be recorded are not human yet.

If the player has specific skills, the tie in the game will occasionally interrupt, that is to say, the developer also has to dub the tie. The job was given to Mike, the voice director

Goodman, who previously voiced the brain and limbic system of ancient reptiles, seems to be a stream of consciousness voice professional.

The chat in the game is actually the subconscious communication of the characters, and it also plays the role of narration. Lenval, the dubbing actor

For brown, that means it takes eight months to record 350000 words, a third of the game. “He’s the backbone of the final cut version of the movie, and his voice will take players through the whole journey. His voice is the voice that players can dream about during the game,” ashilevi said

“The final edition of” Paradise disco “will also include political perspective tasks, adding new characters and new costumes. However, not all costumes can speak. In addition, new scenes will be added to this work. The free upgrade will be released on March 30.