“Evil equipment: strive” test: ps5 original 4k60fps

Wandai released the novice video of "evil equipment: strive" to prepare for the upcoming beta beta. Recent foreign media VG

Tech did a frame number test on beta (PS4, PS4)

The good news is that it works very well on all three platforms. Although PS4 has the most frequent frame drop, it is still stable in general.

Test video

Resolution and frames

Ps5: original 4K resolution, 3840 × 216060fps

PS4 Pro:1920x108060FPS


PS4 Pro version of the game has a strange problem at present. When the output is 2160p, the UI of the game is rendered with 4K resolution, which leads to the Caton problem. VG tech recommends players to add your PS4

Pro to 1080p output, will solve the UI caused by the stuck.

“Crime gear: strive” will be available on PC, PS4 and ps5 on April 9.