“Evil equipment: strong” millia’s moves show using hair to attack

"Evil equipment: strong" will be released on the ps4ps5 platform from 11:00 on February 19 to 22:59 on February 31, Beijing time. Players who have pre purchased "evil equipment: strong" in Playstation store can have a trial version of the game on February 18 one day in advance.

Game developer arc system works also released the eighth issue of the character introduction course today (February 10), showing the moves and corresponding effects of the female character millia rage (ミリア = レイジ).

Milia teaching video:

In the series of evil equipment, miria Reggie, who lost her parents when she was a child, is adopted by the assassin organization and becomes a killer. However, because of the only good intentions in her heart, she resisted the indiscriminate killing of innocent people, so she broke away from the organization and fled. Later, she was chased and killed. She thought that it was better to destroy the organization than to escape. She defeated zato1, the leader of the organization, and gained freedom in the plot. Miriam Reggie’s ability to use hair as a weapon stems from forbidden magic.

“Evil equipment: strong” is the seventh generation work of this biography, which came out in 1998 and has a history of 22 years. The old fighting game “evil equipment” series has been on the stage again for many years. The father of the series, Taifu Ishido, is the chief supervisor and the team with excellent achievements is the developer. With the latest unreal engine, the team can give full play to the performance effect of celluloid 3D style, providing a new play experience and evolutionary design.

“Evil gear: strive” will be on sale on April 9, 2021 and will be launched on the pcps4ps5 platform. The luxury version of ps4ps5 can enter the game three days in advance.