Experience dog slave daily “the story of the dog dog” landing in steam this summer

Foxdog farms recently launched a game called "a Shiba story" in steam, which focuses on Chaigou and describes the daily life of human beings and Chaigou. It is expected to be available in the late summer or early autumn of 2021.

“Chaigou story” Trailer:

Experience dog slave daily

In the story of Chaigou, the player plays a dog slave who needs to take care of his uncle Chaigou on Sunday. Although this guy named Sunday is a cute Chai dog, it’s not easy for you to deal with him. He’s stubborn and difficult to get along with. He won’t even let you go! Can you learn to take care of your dog and win his friendship?

Experience dog slave daily

When you pick up your dog’s poop, play pick-up games, and explore a quiet urban community, create good memories with your new dog partners. Learn to understand Sunday’s emotions and habits – from its body language to its unique barking – and make it happy. Win the love and respect of Sunday, you can even touch the dog!

Experience dog slave daily

Key features

Experience dog slave daily

Enjoy daily life with Japanese Chai dog.

Become a sage of Chai dog! Learn to understand the mood of Sunday by wagging tail, wagging ears and barking.

When you create good memories together, you feed, care for, pick up things and so on.

Win Sunday’s trust and let it play new tricks like running or wearing funny hats.

Explore a community based on the Real San Francisco area.

Experience a comedy and nostalgic story about the ups and downs of dog raising.

Meet and play with other dogs (even cats).

You can roll a dog, but you have to work for it.