Extraterrestrials: Murder on eredanos expansion pack launched

March 18, 2021 (China) - today, private division and observer Entertainment

The release of the “extraterrestrial world: Murder on the star of iredanos” is the second and last narrative expansion package for the award-winning RPG works of science fiction, which has been launched. The extraterrestrial world: Murder on the star of iredanos has been launched and included in the “extraterrestrial” extension pass, which will also include the “extraterrestrial: dangerous Gorgon” expansion package to provide you with a complete narrative experience.

Extraterrestrials: Murder on eredanos expansion pack launched

Visit the sky of iridanos to reveal the largest case of suspense in the history of the emerald colony. Helen, a famous spokesman employed by Rizzo, died before the new spectral Brown vodka was sold; in this strange mystery, everyone was suspected. Using a contradiction amplifier to discover clues, this semi sensing device can highlight the anomalies and inconsistencies in the crime scene. Each discovery unlocks additional conversations and different task routes. On your mysterious journey, you will encounter many interesting suspects, such as Spencer Woolrich and bobbage-3001, star player “black hole” Bertie of Rizzo Rangers, etc. you will encounter many interesting suspects on your mysterious journey. Please be careful that there is dark secret behind each weird smile face, but please keep it, because your perseverance is the key to the opening of the outstanding case.

Extraterrestrials: Murder on eredanos expansion pack launched

Megan, director of games, obsidian Entertainment

Extraterrestrials: Murder on eredanos expansion pack launched

“With the release of the murder on the star of iredanos, we will begin to expose more of the world’s famous actors in the universe, while continuing to keep players in engaging and engaging narratives,” Starks said. This expansion package exposes another notorious business in a near incredible new scenario, while introducing new mechanisms to drive our story. It’s a crazy trip and we can’t wait to see the fans respond. “

Extraterrestrials: Murder on eredanos expansion pack launched

Michael, executive vice president and head of private Division

Extraterrestrials: Murder on eredanos expansion pack launched

“The murder on the star of iredanos marks a perfect climax for the end of the chapter” the world out of the sky, “worosz said. It shows the original game’s excellence: players can make deep choices in the fantasy world. Players can expect another fascinating and funny plot, as well as witty conversations and more. This expansion package is a great reason for you to explore or revisit the world outside the sky for the first time. “

Extraterrestrials: Murder on eredanos expansion pack launched

The extraterrestrial: Murder on the star of edenos also raised the level limit by three levels, unlocking more options for players to customize their skills more flexibly. Three new high-tech weapons are added, one of which is Helen’s signature weapon, “bayonet”, and a series of new armor suits. Explore new dangerous areas, deep into the series of floating asteroid islands, and the star iredanos, and be pulled through the upper atmosphere, containing multiple locations for players to explore the horror of mystery, whether it is a grand Colonial Hotel or lizzo bright purple berry orchard.

Extraterrestrials: Murder on eredanos expansion pack launched

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