“Fables of gods and ghosts” new work does not use illusory engine 5 will use homemade engine

According to playground games, the new fable will not be developed with unreal engine 5.

Foreign media reports, playground

Games plans to use the self-made game engine to develop the new work of fable of gods and ghosts instead of using the third-party commercial engine such as unreal engine 5. The previous rumors that this work will be developed with unreal engine 5 are all untrue.

Candidates who are proficient in computer programming engine or computer programming engine are also in need of help from an official website.

In this way, “fables of gods and ghosts” may take several years to go on the market after its debut. At least they have a good reputation in the previous “extreme speed” series, and hope to do well in “fables of gods and ghosts”.