Fake Jin Dong does whatever she wants to deceive women tiktok will jitter to court.

Yesterday, actor Jin Dong formally prosecuted tiktok in the name of infringing the right of portrait. The reason is that in early October of last year, a more than 60 year old aunt in Jiangxi was obsessed with the "tiktok" video, which aggravated the conflict between husband and wife.

On October 13, 2020, Jindong studio issued a statement to the outside world saying that it will investigate the legal responsibility of the relevant subjects who open “fake Jindong” account on the short video platform.

Fake Jin Dong does whatever she wants to deceive women tiktok will jitter to court.

In fact, since the era of 2G network, “fake Jindong and fake Dongqing” such as fake star fake accounts have been banned. And with the change of media forms, they have experienced evolution and upgrading.

Fake Jin Dong does whatever she wants to deceive women tiktok will jitter to court.

Once upon a time, Shanzhai star city went to the point to receive spokesmen, county party received business performance, QQ micro blog wechat fire, the way of star fake account has not changed: using star gimmicks everywhere to cheat. No matter how much media platforms hit, as long as there is interest driven, the fake star industry will continue.

Fake Jin Dong does whatever she wants to deceive women tiktok will jitter to court.

As early as 2014, Lin Junjie was popular in the mainland. Fan Yixian, a copycat as like as two peas in the hair, action and even dimple, is posing as JJ Lin for gold in the heat of JJ Lin, earning 700 NT dollars in two years. “JJ Lin”

Fake Jin Dong does whatever she wants to deceive women tiktok will jitter to court.

Fan Yixian, who came to the stage, imitated Lin Junjie to sing his famous song Jiangnan, and stepped down and went to the night shop under the banner of “Prince JJ of Taiwan love song”.

After his popularity, he also released an EP “I’m drunk with you” and “crying all night” to cheat fans. Later, Lin Junjie fans jointly launched the campaign of “boycott fan Yixian pretending to be a business performance of linjunjie”, who gradually faded out of the public view.

Wang Feng, a Chinese music teacher, not only has dingyong, a stronghold, but his wife Zhang Ziyi has a high copy of yinfeier. Both of them even unveil the beauty hospital and re perform romantic proposal.

After Ding Yong became popular, Wang Feng sued him for violating his name and claimed 500000 for his portrait right. Ding Yong also became the first official to take the lawsuit. Unexpectedly, because Wang Feng’s prosecution dingyong is more angry, its commercial performance price has increased from the original to 20000-30000 yuan, as usual, invitation continues, daily struggle for gold.

During the period of ZhouChuanXiong’s illness and thin, ZhouChuanXiong, a mountain version, swindled in remote second and third tier cities, opening a performance at a price of 170000 yuan. Later, Zhou found and collected evidence to bring it to court.

Since 2015, a large number of social counterfeit accounts have appeared on microblog and QQ. Some popular stars are all under the microblog of various high imitation numbers in the activity, even squeeze the comments of real users into the second screen. Yueyunpeng once scolded on microblog: “please leave Gao imitation, please cheat praise to leave.”

From tfboys, such small meat to real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin, there are high imitation accounts. Celebrity stars are as like as two peas, and from the nicknames and avatars to pixel level plagiarism, some even manually add a “ten thousand” word after the number of fans in micro-blog background. The micro-blog released by Gao Jian is almost the same as the star herself.

Ordinary netizens may be wrong at a glance, even some stars may admit wrong. But the comments of the fake tfboys1 have won 10000 praise. A successful operation like this has brought hundreds of fans no problem.

The microblog number “zhaoliying” has accumulated nearly 10000 fans by Gao imitated zhaoliying. With the foundation of fans, she started to post games and medical products advertisements on microblog, such as “intimate Amway” famous acne cure doctors with Web links and public test ads for Qingyun zhis mobile travel.

The high imitation number of actor Yang Yang’s microblog is more targeted at female fans. A large number of commodity links of “large women’s clothing” and “maomian shorts” are filled with them. Even some stars will sell star surrounding, stock speculation information, pay courses and defraud their money.

On March 5, 2020, Ms. Xiong’s daughter Yang Yang mobile phone QQ, who lives in Zhifang street, Jiangxia District, appeared a message that she said “assistant Cai Xukun” asked to add friends. After the request, Yang Yang was pulled into the “Cai Xukun fan group”. “Assistant Cai Xukun” sent news that the star would send fans 3888 yuan red envelopes, but only if they first pay the assistant.

Under the guidance of the QQ 42, the Yang star finally transferred the ten thousand yuan to WeChat’s mobile phone, and Alipay and bank cards were transferred to the other side for 139 thousand times.

In the short video era, the fake account of stars has been used to screen the groups that are easy to be cheated by the existing star video materials and rough editing methods.

Besides male stars, female stars also have high copy accounts. In the comment area of Yang power high imitated account, many netizens said: “Yang idempotent wishes your family happiness”, “supports remarriage”, “quickly remarried, give xiaonuomi a complete home” and so on.

Instead of clarifying their identity, the account operator replied to the netizen “thank you for your support. Please add attention”.

The tiktok event of the last year’s shaking platform broke the false star account back to the public view. By the end of October, the 5000 of the tiktok had been struck by the suspected Jimmy fake account, and the more than 180 thousand cheating accounts were banned.

But fake star black production exists in each platform, where there are simple netizens, where there is a figure of fraud. The majority of netizens still want to polish their eyes, carefully identify!