Fast travel accelerator limited acceleration “Horizon 4”, help stable online without dropping line

"Extreme speed: Horizon 4" has been officially launched on steam platform, because it is a very popular entertainment to racing game, and it has also attracted many players after launching steam. But recently, many players reflect that when they enter the game, there are some problems, such as the server is not available, online offline and so on. Next, it brings us solutions.

Because “extreme speed: Horizon 4” is a game on sale in Microsoft Store. Even now “extreme speed: Horizon 4” is on steam platform, but when players compete online, the network is still Microsoft’s server, so they need to pay attention to Xbox when they are online

Fast travel accelerator limited acceleration

Live network type, if it is easy to drop the line and flash back in the case of bare connection, when encountering such network problems, we need to use swimsuit to accelerate the solution.

Fast travel accelerator limited acceleration

Fasttravel accelerator aims to make sure that the players of “extreme speed: Horizon 4” can stably connect with other players across platforms on steam platform, especially for “extreme speed: Horizon 4” – steam

Fast travel accelerator limited acceleration

The welfare activity of limited time free acceleration has been launched. The limited free acceleration time is from 0:00 on March 11 to 23:59 on March 15, 2021. During this period, all players can use the fasttravel accelerator to accelerate “extreme speed: Horizon 4” – steam free of charge.

Fasttravel accelerator supports the online acceleration of “extreme speed: Horizon 4”. After using fasttravel accelerator to accelerate, it can effectively solve the problems of strict NAT network type, unavailability of server connection, online offline drop and failure in the process of players’ online. It can help players to stably cross platform online and smoothly start the racing race.