February 2021 ps5 game download list FIFA 21 dominates North America and Europe

FIFA 21 has become the first choice for ps5 players in the United States, Canada and Europe in February 2021.

Sony recently released the ps5 game download list of American and European service PS mall in February this year. FIFA 21 dominates American and European service at the same time. In general, FIFA

February 2021 ps5 game download list FIFA 21 dominates North America and Europe

It’s expected that 21 will be the top of European clothing, but beating COD in North America is still very surprising.

Also surprisingly, “Madden NFL 21” appeared on the top 10 of the European Service Download List (generally speaking, the game is more popular in North America), while insumniac

“Marvel Spiderman: Myers” developed by Games was also shortlisted in the top of European clothing and American clothing, both ranking third.

European clothing:

1.FIFA 21

2. Assassin’s Creed: Yingling Hall

3. Marvel spider man: miles

4. Call of duty 17: black action Cold War

5. Rainbow 6: Siege

6. Real people call 11

7. Killer 3

8. Ghost remaking

9. Land without owner 3

10.NFL 21

Canada, USA:

1.FIFA 21

2. Call of duty 17

3. Marvel spider man: miles

4.Madden NFL 21

5.NBA 2K21

6. Assassin’s Creed: Yingling Hall

7. Real person call 11

8. Killer 3

9. Rainbow 6: Siege

10. Ghost remaking

11. RenWang 2

12. Du Shen Ji

13. The end of Werewolf: heart of the forest

14. Land without owner 3

15. Fall of gods

16. Big adventure

17. No one in deep space

18. Watchdog: Legion

19. Dust 5

20. Dawn: Special Edition

If you care about the PS4 download list, gta5 still appears in the US and European download lists.