“Final Fantasy 16” is likely to be a limited time exclusive PC version of ps5, which will be released later

The final fantasy 16 is likely to be ps5 limited time exclusive, while PC version will be available later.

Sony Playstation Brazil pipeline channel recently released a ps5 promotional video showing upcoming big works such as ghost line: Tokyo, death cycle and final fantasy 16. The small words below the video say “Final Fantasy 16” will not log on other platforms for a certain period of time after landing in ps5.

Sony and Se officials have never made the announcement that “Final Fantasy 16” is a ps5 limited time exclusive game. However, considering that there was PC when final fantasy 16 was released, it was later removed from the publicity film for unknown reasons. Combined with the previous and present signs, the possibility of Final Fantasy 16 becoming ps5 limited time limit monopoly is very high.

“Final Fantasy 16” was officially released at ps5 exhibition last September, directed by Taka and produced by Yoshida Zhishu.