Five games of Bethesda will be supported by Xbox series X

In February, Microsoft announced that five games of Bethesda will receive FPS upgrade support.

In the latest official Xbox podcast, Microsoft announced the news. In the opening phase, xbox live’s “major Nelson” Larry

Five games of Bethesda will be supported by Xbox series X

Hryb and Jeff, senior communication manager of XBOX

Rubenstein discussed Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda. To celebrate the acquisition, a number of beta games will be added to the game pass, and five other beta games will be supported by FPS upgrade as soon as possible, which is on Xbox

A feature on series XS that allows older games to run at a higher frame rate.

These five games are radiation 4, radiation 76, predatory, ancient scroll 5: sky remake and shame: the final version.

Among them, “radiation 4” is actually a work that has been displayed before the new function is officially named. In a short video released last October, Microsoft showed the effect of running radiation 4 on 60fps. Although Xbox players have been able to use mod to achieve similar performance improvements, this time it has gained official support.

Podcasts didn’t announce when the new features would be updated. It might have to wait until Xbox series

When the next big update of XS is released, players will be allowed to switch on and off the automatic HDR and FPS upgrade functions in the supported games according to the game settings.