“Football manager 2021” winter major updates have been online, data adjustment more than 3.7 million

Sega officially announced today (February 23) that the main winter updates for football manager 2021 (PCMAC) are now online, including the lineup updates for the January transfer window. This update has brought more than 3.7 million data adjustments, including adjustments to players' data, to reflect their real performance so far this season. In addition, the update also includes gameplay patches that include fixes and improvements to multiple areas of the game.

Official announcement:

Gameplay patches will take effect in all current archives, but if you want to use the new database and get game updates, you need to start a new archive. The game update should be carried out automatically. If you encounter problems during the update, we suggest you exit and restart epic game mall or steam.

21.3 updated contents (but not limited to)

-Optimized the stability of the game

-The total number of players in the game and the number of randomly generated players from the youth training are further optimized

-The option to apply to the board for the reserve U23 team has been reactivated

-It optimizes the responsibilities of the appointed staff in recruiting other staff

-It further balances the player scoring system in the comprehensive and fast game engine

-Fixed some game statistics display problems, including key steals, great opportunities and intercepts

-It optimizes the logic of the goalkeeper to listen to the command of tactical division

-The salary caps of British A and British B have been removed

-Assists will be displayed when the goal is scored

Major winter updates have also been launched in IOS Android and PC MAC IOS Android, and will be launched in Xbox and Nintendo switch in the near future. Interested players can click here to get the football manager 2021 steam mall link.