Former president of Nintendo North America: as soon as I saw the NS prototype, I knew it would be a success

Now Nintendo NS' success doesn't need to be demonstrated. After experiencing the previous generation of host wii

After u failure and the overall decline of 3DS compared with NDS, NS host has miraculously helped Nintendo get out of the trough and stand firm in the game industry again. The success of NS is beyond many people’s expectation, but some people have long foreseen it.

Former president of Nintendo North America: as soon as I saw the NS prototype, I knew it would be a success

Reggie fils Aime, former president of Nintendo North America, recently interviewed the media about the success of NS. In previous interviews, he mentioned that due to wii

U performance is low, so ns is “not successful” for the company. But after he got the NS prototype and discussed the concept of the host with Iwata, he would never be surprised at what the host could achieve.

“No, the NS didn’t surprise me,” he said. I can say that because after I first saw NDS, I felt the sweat standing up. The team showed a very early prototype of Ren Tiangou. I saw the potential of that model in a flash. Later, the first time I took the Wii handle and started playing the prototype of Wii sport, I knew it would be a magic product. And when I sat down with Mr. Yamada to pick up the NS prototype and explore the concept, I knew it was a magic product. “

“I said that because this host solves one of the most difficult places for players. The trouble is, I have a good time, I play my game, but I have to stop to work now, or I have to go to school, I can’t bring the game around. I can’t go on playing. So ns offers such an opportunity for players to play on big screen TV and then go out and play in the palm mode, which touches the basic aspect of consumer demand. This is the moment to touch demand. Then the company made a lot of smart decisions, such as supporting unity and the fantasy engine, which allows a lot of independent content to log into the machine. There are many other key decisions. “

NS hosts now have a pure palm mode ns Lite in addition to the basic dual-purpose version. There has been rumors that Nintendo will launch an enhanced host “ns”

Pro “, but there has been no official announcement. I’ll have a meeting tonight if I can’t do it