“Fortress night” FNCs competition team members angrily spray epic officials to die, implicating the whole team to be killed by ban

At present, the official second chapter five season competition FNCs (fortnite Champion Series) of the popular multiplayer competitive game "Fortress night" is being held. However, recently, negative news came out that a player who has broken through the preliminary contest angrily sprayed epic official to die, and the punishment result came, and the whole team was disqualified.

·The incident originated from Wrigley’s sudden sending a curse tweet “like literally filling K! Ll your $elf” to Donald mustard, an official of Epic Games, on March 13, local time. The simple understanding is to let mustard commit suicide, which caused heated discussion.

·Although soon Wrigley player even deleted his account, what he said had already been recorded by netizens. Soon after, his teammate dictate, including Wrigley player, was also informed by FNCs that the whole team was disqualified for violating the peace game contract.

·At present, it’s not known why Wrigley’s players were angry about the incident, but it’s true that the other two players of the whole team were disqualified.

Withdrawal notice from team mate dictate