Free Spring Festival content update of homecoming 2 is now available in steam

Homecoming 2 was written by TPP

Studio development of a roguelike survival RPG game. Four years ago, the first work “a different way home” developed by only two people has achieved good results in various platforms, and also won the official “best local independent game” and other honors of apple. This sequel not only retains the serious and anti war core thinking of the early generation, but also greatly improves the size and playability of the game. This work has been widely praised since it landed on steam platform in the form of preemptive experience on January 22, 2020.

Free Spring Festival content update of homecoming 2 is now available in steam

Survival in despair: the unique charm of a different way home

Free Spring Festival content update of homecoming 2 is now available in steam

As a roguelike game, this game supports players to explore freely on the randomly generated map, and gradually occupy the enemy’s oil fields, cities, or headquarters. The map contains a variety of terrain, as well as hundreds of random encounter events and buildings. Players need to choose appropriate exploration and problem handling methods according to the characteristics of the team members.

New content coming, Spring Festival update

After the sale, the development team extensively collected the valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by everyone, and carried out more than ten optimization updates.

As the Spring Festival approaches, “homecoming 2” has launched a new content update free of charge, which includes a new optional occupation, skill mechanism, difficulty, achievement and a series of improvements and optimizations.

New career

Giant shield soldiers – they are also reliable partners in the most fierce battlefield. The expanded shield can resist a lot of enemy fire for the teammates behind

Berserker – fighting with blood and death. It is said that only one qualified Berserker can be selected from the 100 strong tribal people

Judges – if the clergyman represents light, then the judge represents darkness – mercilessly judge every weak believer

New skill mechanism

[barrier] will protect the teammates behind from the enemy bullets, greatly improving the survival rate of the team.

[immortality] skill will make the team’s health value can’t be reduced to less than 1 point. The experience of locking blood can help you turn the tide and reverse the war situation at the critical moment!

[steal] will help you gain the attribute of enemy’s loss in the battle, greatly improving the winning rate of the match.

New difficulty and achievement

In addition, this update will also bring the difficulty of hell and the corresponding achievement of customs clearance – a trip to hell!

I don’t know if you can break through the limit and keep moving forward in hell.

Improvement and optimization

In addition to the content update, the new version will also optimize the game in many aspects, including but not limited to, career balance adjustment; optimization of shield display; improvement of plot boss attribute; optimization of vehicle combat experience, etc.

Here is the latest information about homecoming 2, which was updated free of charge on February 9. Players can get the new version of homecoming 2 free of charge on steam platform!