“Ghost exterminator’s blade” midouzi blood exploding version novice’s debut, blood ghost skill force is amazing

Today, March 23, midouzi, the heroine of the popular animation ghost blade, opened a new pre order. At the moment when blood ghost technique was used in this modeling design, the scene accessories cooperated with midouzi's blood bursting force was amazing.

·Maidouzi is the heroine in ghost blade and its derivative works. Zaomen tanzhilang’s sister became a ghost because of the ghost’s blood. Hiding in the box behind tanzhilang, he suppresses his instinct as a ghost with reason and fights with tanzhilang. And in the decisive chapter, he became a human again.

·You Douzi’s special skill blood ghost skill – exploding blood can make your own blood explode at will, and produce high-temperature flame to burn the target. It has the particularity of “only burning what you want to burn”. It has the effect of destroying the opponent’s blood ghost technique or toxin. At the same time, it can severely burn the ghost and make it unable to regenerate temporarily.

·The new version of midouzi is just to restore the scene of midouzi, which is playing the blood ghost technique. The overall design is exquisite and beautiful, and the price is 16000 yen. Recently, the pre order was opened, and it is scheduled to be officially put on sale in May 2022. Interested fans can pay attention to: official page.