“Ghost of Malaysia” clearance rate as high as 50.2 PS4 open world game No.2

As a Sony exclusive open world action game "ghost of Ma Dao" is very popular, but foreign media ungeek recently released the clearance rate of "ghost of Ma island", which is as high as 50.2, second only to manway spider man.

Foreign media ungeek has counted the clearance rate of PS4 platform open world games, among which the rarity of “material sorrow” of PS platform of “soul of Ma Dao” is 50.2, which is the highest level of open world games, which is much higher than that of 38.2 in September 2020. This data is quite considerable, but the only process that exceeds its “manway Spider Man” is quite short.

PS4 open world game clearance rate

1. Manway spider man 50.8

2. Ghost to Ma Island 50.2

3. Assassin creed: origin 38.2

4. “Island of soul 5” 36.7

5. No longer 34.7

6. Horizon: Dawn 34.1

7. Assassin creed: Odyssey 30

8. Wizard 3 29.8

9. “Death stranded” 28.6

10. “Wild escort 2” 28.2

12. Watchdog 2 24.9

13. Assassin creed: Hall of the spirit 19.8