Glory or restart magic to launch super flagship to Huawei in July

Glory will release its true flagship product after Huawei was separated in July as soon as possible, according to people familiar with the matter to Tencent News "the first line". "No surprise, Qualcomm's latest flagship chip, Xiaolong 888, will be used this time."

Glory CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview with Tencent News “front line” that glory has fully restored cooperation among all suppliers, including Qualcomm, the top chip manufacturer in the industry.

Glory or restart magic to launch super flagship to Huawei in July

It is reported that since the release of glory V40, glory has been stepping up the planning of high-end products. At present, it can be confirmed that the new glory will launch super flagship products with higher positioning than the previous V-series and digital series. Among them, reshape magic

The series as super flagship voice is relatively high in the interior.

Glory magic series is positioned as future technology. Although only two generations of products have been iterating over the past four years, glory has invested a lot of blood on both phones. Huawei has also applied almost the latest technologies to magic series.

“The glory magic series will not be a product, and glory magic will have products focusing on different directions in the future,” a mobile phone manufacturer told Tencent News “the first line” Shin yew has also disclosed before, glory will also have its own mate and P series. In the outside world, magic series will be the products of rival competitors, even mate series and P series.